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If you’ve never tried Comb Honey, you’re in for a mouth-watering and healthy treat! Comb Honey is one of the oldest agricultural products associated with man. It is sold unaltered–unprocessed, not extracted, not filtered–just as it was made by the bees!

SweetTooth Farms is now offering two delicious new comb honeys–a clover-honey brand–Rabbit Mountain Comb Honey–and an alfalfa-honey brand– SweetTooth Farms Comb Honey. Both honeys are completely unprocessed and unfiltered, and packed directly into the natural honey comb by the bees themselves! This seals in the true essence of the flowers from which both were made.

Quality comb honey should have all, or nearly all of its cells filled and capped. Capping marks the end of nectar processing by the bees and protects the honey from air & moisture.

Honey comb has the finest smell & taste of all honeys, but over the years, we have sold a large part of our crop to folks who feel strongly that local comb has a medicinal or allergy-control value.

To enjoy this delicious comb honey, cut around the outside of the label about 1/4 inch below the top of the package and twist the clear cover up and off the comb. Cut and remove pie-shaped wedges, replacing the cover to keep it fresh and clean for weeks. Chew the flavorful Colorado honey from the bees wax, and discard the bubble gum-like wax.

It’s difficult to raise comb honey in Colorado, due to the short nectar flow and cool nights, but its taste is the finest of all honeys. Enjoy!

To order, call 720-530-4423, or fax 970-532-1424, or email michael@mhcreative.net, and ask for Michael or Bob–we’ll rush a dozen or more combs within 24 hours! Case price (1-dozen combs) $77.40/case plus shipping. Please specify Rabbit Mountain clover honey or SweetTooth Farms alfalfa honey, or half of each.

We also sell delicious liquid alfalfa honey
To Order: call 720-530-4423 or fax 970-532-1424
or email us at michael@mhcreative.net
Orders ship within 24 hours